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Give Tom an electric shock for every £1 you donate to charity

About CharityShock

CharityShock is the modern equivalent of the villege fete dunking booth. Users donate money to charity online through Just Giving and in exchange they get to press a button to give the person seen on the live webcam stream a minor electric shock

CharityShock was built in under 24 hours in collaboration with Tom Scott (web development) and Julien Fourgeaud (electronics) at CharityHack 2010, where it was the winner of the "Best Web" award.

Future Plans

CharityShock is a fully working proof of concept. It can be hooked up to a willing volunteer right now and start raising money for a good cause.

It's also very flexible. It can control anything that can be controlled by an arduino, not just give electric shocks. Squirting someone with silly string, throwing wet sponges using a robot arm and setting off a fireworks display are all possible. Julien adapted it to control a model railway in a few hours.

Source Code

Source code is available on github.com/iamdanw/charityshock.

The full code for CharityShock, including the website and the arduino source, is made available for anyone to use for their own fundraising endeavors.

This hack was written in under 24 hours with very little sleep and could be improved but for now it works surprisingly well. I am responsible for the arduino (shockduino) and processing (shockpoll) code whilst Tom Scott single handedly develped and designed all of the web software (web). It would be quite easy to change CharityShock to do things other than shock a person, such as squirt someone with water in exchange for donations


Get in touch

If you'd like to know more about CharityShock then find me on twitter as @iamdanw, drop me an email at charityshock@[thiswebsite].com or nudge Tom over at tomscott.com.