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Software Developer

A Minor Detail

Jun 16, 2013

This is prompted by some tweets by Ben Hammersley. Particularly:

When I was finishing up Arrivals I wanted some screenshots and a simple demo video. I didn't want to reveal the current locations of my foursquare friends in the photos and my test account had no friends. I needed a bunch of sock puppet accounts.

Earlier that year an iPad poster campaign featuring twitter had been run. It wasn't a mockup. Those tweets and users existed on the live site. Only 3 tweets by 3 users are shown in the billboard but if you browse those accounts and their friends there's a network of 20 odd fake accounts with populated timelines having conversations with each other.

They eat sandwiches, go to gigs and complain about the weather. A pre-created group of photogenic fake friends.

Some people didn't even notice they were puppets:

But they had all been abandoned, left as ghosts. I created foursquare accounts for each of them to live on. Since then the original twitter accounts have all been made private.

Anyway, I'm writing a pointless blog post.