Dan W

Software Developer

Hovershow 2012

May 2, 2012

Last weekend was Hovershow 2012 at the Hovercraft Museum. The only hovercraft museum in the world. So we went on a London Hackspace trip.

Hovercraft are a peculiar thing. One of those technologies that were going to be The Future but now largely unseen. Like the Concorde, monorails or Space Shuttles. I have vague memories of them being excitedly shown off on Tomorrow's World or Blue Peter as a kid. Or possibly it was on Thunderbirds.

The museum is only open a few days a year or by appointment. There are hovercraft scattered everywhere in various states of rusting and disrepair. Quite a lot of hovercraft.

The staff sell entrance tickets from the back of a shipping container dressed in Hoverspeed steward & stewardess uniforms. The site is dominated by the two Hoverspeed branded giant SR.N4s, the Princess Margaret and Princess Anne. They're so big that exhibits and trade stalls are set up inside their car holds. There's a harrier jump jet inside the hovercraft.

There's a hover mini.

Heathrow fire service hovercraft.

Pedal powered hovercraft.

Hover ice cream van.


And a nice beach to skim stones on.

The rest of my photos are on flickr. There's another open day coming up later this summer and there are various photos and videos on the hackspace wiki page for the trip.