Dan W

Software Developer

Yearnote 2013

Jan 1, 2014

2013, in brief.

Speaking at Mapping Festival, Geneva about computer vision; dConstruct, Brighton about critical approaches to new technologies; and Seven on Seven, London about networked objects.

Using Freedom of Information to get David Cameron's G8 mixtape. Visualising GPS satellite orbits. Printing a calendar of Edward Snowden's face.

Building chimes that turn space weather data from satellites into music; lamps that recognise books; gloves for making contactless payments with a handshake; bridging USB sensors to the internet; and better ways of sharing links in a team.

Bumping into wild bears in the Canadian Rockies. Riding a helicopter over Weston-super-Mere. Touring an underground BBC studio from WWII. Leaving Bristol's Watershed and Pervasive Media Studio.

Starting a mailing list. Moving to London.